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Rugged Outback Suspension

Kelso's new 'roads optional' suspension technologies allow customers to drive virtually anywhere on land. From desert conditions to arctic winter driving, the eight separate add-on mechanisms from Kelso provide access via a smooth ride for any type of wheeled vehicle. The Kelso kiqXgear™ rugged-slope suspension systems can be fitted to trucks, SUVs, ATVs and military units.



For fleet trucks that are leased or purchased for employees to access rugged-slope terrain work-sites, the Kelso kiqXgear™ suspension system prolongs the life of your vehicles while providing improved accessibility and safety for your workers. KiqXgear replaces the entire drive-train and suspension of the original fleet vehicle so four-wheel-drive costs are also eliminated. Ideal for: 

  • mining
  • forestry 
  • oil and gas 
  • utilities 
  • road maintenance/construction
  • railroads 




The Kelso kiqXgear™ suspension system was originally created for recreation use and provides safe access to your favourite fishing camp or cabin in the woods. Whether snow, mud, forest, sand or every driving condition in between, Kelso kiqXgear™ suspension can get you and your favorite recreation vehicle to your destination, and back home safely. Performance-tested in deep snow, rugged mountain forests, sand dunes and rocky river beds, kiqXgear suspension provides a smooth, even ride.




Providing a completely stable platform while driving over extreme terrain is a unique feature of the Kelso kiqXgear™ suspension. Comprised of eight separate patents so far, the full suspension system is ideal for use by:

  • military
  • police/border patrol
  • first responders
  • search and rescue
  • forest/park services
  • FEMA

and any government body that requires its employees to access rugged and/or roadless overland locations.